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      Finding the best broker for your online trading is easy with the Online Brokers Directory. Search our website to instantly connect with an online broker that's just right for your trading needs.

      We cover a wide variety of brokerage firms including Stock, CFD, Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange Brokers in Australia.
      In addition, we have listings for other key financial services such as Investment and Advisory Services, Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Services , Broker Reviews, Social Trading and Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
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      Extensive Online Stock, CFD and Forex Broker Listings

      FX Brokers in Australia

      If Forex trading (FX / foreign exchange / currency markets) is your passion, we have an extensive list including many of the largest Forex brokers in Australia. View all the key details, including where they are regulated, from one central location. We've made it practical and easy to obtain all the information traders and investors look for when choosing a Forex broker.

      Share Brokers (Stockbrokers)

      We are proud to list many of the best online brokers in Australia. However, while many may associate stock brokers with Sydney and Melbourne (the primary financial hubs in Australia), stockbroking is one of the financial services that traders and investors often look for a broker in the city where they live. Online Brokers Directory recognises this, and ensure it is easy to locate and review a stock broker in your local area from our extensive Australian stock brokers list. It's now quick and easy to find the best local share broker for your online share trading & investing.  

      In addition to the easy local search features we have broken the share brokers down into the two most popular categories: 

      CFD Providers to Trade Contracts for Difference

      If CFD trading is more applicable to you, we have many of the top CFD providers operating in Australia. View all the key broker details, including where they are regulated, from one central location. We've made it practical and easy to obtain all the information contract for difference traders look for when choosing a CFD broker.

      Trader & Investor FAQs

      Below is a list of seven key factors to consider when searching for an online broker.
      These apply to both investors and the active trader looking for an Australian regulated online stockbroker, CFD broker or /online-brokers/FX broker.

      1) Licensing and Client Funds

      When considering any online brokers operating in Australia, verify the brokerage firm is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Confirm they have a current Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence number (see the ASIC Professional Registers search facility and choose the Australian Financial Services Licensee register option), before opening or depositing funds in any CFD, Forex or share trading account.

      Also confirm the bank and location where your funds will be held, in addition to the account structure (eg fully segregated accounts, etc). This information can often be obtained via the brokers web site or phoning them, and must be available in the brokers Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

      2) Trading Platform Ease of Use

      This is especially beneficial for first time traders and investors who may find the world of online trading complex. The online trading platform should be simple, convenient and comfortable for you to use.

      3) Customer Support

      As we all know, technology advances at a fast pace, and it’s easy to feel “left behind” sometimes or need a helping hand using the “latest” feature added by your online broker. Technology provides us with tremendous benefits and advantages in financial markets, however there is nothing more frustrating when something does goes wrong, or you need help quickly, to find that the customer service of your online broker is not as helpful as you expected.

      4) Fees, Commissions and Spreads (where applicable)

      When checking the transaction fees (brokerage fees) charged by the broker, ensure you carefully pay attention to the commissions or spreads associated with each of the markets and/or investments you trade in.

      5) Trading Account Reporting and Statements

      Ask the CFD, Forex or online broker what kind of reports they offer, including end of financial year statements for tax purposes.

      6) Opening Balance and Minimum Deposit

      Some online brokers have very small initial deposit requirements, whereas others can require over $10,000 initial deposit depending on the account type.

      This is not said in a negative way, it’s just to highlight an aspect of choosing an online broker which for some may not be a consideration, yet for others may be a key consideration.

      7) Ability to Place Phone Trades

      Online brokers are by nature designed for the individual investor or trader, to place and monitor their own trades via the brokers trading platform and hence the costs per trade are normally significantly less than using a full service broker. However, you should still confirm that the online broker allows you to place, update, or close trades via the phone, and check if there are any additional costs for doing this.

      The “Bottom Line” to Choosing An Online Broker

      Before you start looking for an online broker, compile a list of the important features to you. This applies to all investors & traders, and the above list will give you some great ideas where to start.

      Once you’ve compiled your feature requirements list, start evaluating some online brokers and cross them off if they don’t meet the mandatory features you’ve highlighted. You might know of some broker names you already wish to consider first, have been recommended to review, or you have found on a trusted broker review site, such as our partner Online Brokers Australia.

      Source: https://www.onlinebrokersaustralia.com.au/comparing-choosing-an-online-broker/

      There are three prices of financial markets:

      • Market price
      • Buy (Bid) price
      • Sell (Ask) price

      The sell and buy price difference is known as a spread. It’s a simple idea that you see in trading financial markets, and could have a major impact on your trades’ profitability.

      Why is the spread important?

      Smaller spreads generally mean lower trading costs, assuming all else is equal. The spread should always be classed as a cost of trading, although many often don't realise the true cost of the spread and the importance of having tight spreads.

      How is the spread set?

      When you trade the primary or spot markets like Forex, commodities or equities (shares), the spread is dictated by other market participants, and hence called the "Market Spread". If taking a trade at the market price, then the offer/sell price is the lowest price at which you can buy off a seller of the asset, and the bid/buy price is the highest price at which you can sell an asset to a buyer for, at that point in time.

      When trading derivatives like contracts for difference, your CFD broker will often add their own spread on top of the market price. When both spreads are added together, this represents the cost a trader is paying to trade the CFDs.

      When you become a trader, you probably dream of making good money. However, this can only be done if you make sure to follow the right rules and mindset. When it comes to rules, there are 10 of them to keep in mind. What are they?

      Develop and Use Your Trading Plan

      It’s important to develop and use a trading plan, which consists of written rules that lay out when your entry and exit strategies are. It also dictates what your money management standards are. It should be noted that developing a trading plan takes time… a lot of it, so don’t rush it!

      Thanks to today’s technology, it’s never been easier to test trading ideas before you risk actual money in a venture. Traders can use back-testing, which means using trading ideas against historical information, to help them figure out if they have a viable trading plan. Will it work as they expect it to?

      After you’ve created your plan and tested it out with positive results, you can use it in real trading situations. If it’s to work fully, you need to stick by the plan. If you take trades outside the plan, even when they turn out favorably, it’s regarded as bad trading and could damage the plan’s anticipated results (expectancy). Remember every trading plan must show positive expectancy to make a profit.

      Look At Trading As If It’s A Business

      If you want to be successful, you should consider the notion that it’s a part-time or full-time company – not a hobby, not a job. A hobby means you have no commitment to learning something, and trading can be an expensive thing. With a job, you expect a regular paycheck; that’s not what you get with trading.

      View trading as a business that includes expenses, taxes, losses, risk, anxiety and uncertainty. Traders are a small business owner, and the only way to get the most from the business is to do some research and planning ahead of time.

      Make Use Of The Broker's Technology

      It’s important to remember that trading is highly competitive, and it’s safe to say that a person making a trade is using every technology at their disposal that they can. For example, they may use charting platforms that give them an array of techniques (such as technical analysis) to look at and investigate the markets.

      Back-testing ideas using prior information before taking risks can help save your trading account as well as ease stress and aggravation you could have. Use your smartphone to get market updates anywhere you are. A great place to start is with a demo account offered by many online brokers.

      It’s interesting how people have grown accustomed to technology but take it for granted (high-speed internet, anyone) without realising its true value. Make technology work for you and stay on top of the latest trends to continue your successful trading behavior.

      Protect Yourself and Your Capital

      It can take a lot of time and effort on your part to save money to fund your trading account. And, it doesn’t always get easier to do the next time you make trades. Keep in mind that protecting trading capital does not correlate with not losing trades, as that’s going to happen regularly. That’s the way the business goes.

      Protecting capital means not taking certain risks you know are bad, trading where the probabilities are in your favour and using risk & money management strategies to protect yourself and your business.

      Learn About The Different Markets

      When it comes to successful trading, it’s a good idea to continue your education and learn as much as you can each day about the markets. Many ideas come with the knowledge you should have some idea about, but really knowing the markets to ensure success is a continuous process.

      With more than sufficient research, traders learn facts such as what each economic report means. This information, commonly supplied by brokers or the trading platforms they offer provides traders the ability to hone in their instincts, helping them to make better trades based on the reports affecting the markets they are doing business in.

      Markets are impacted in all kinds of ways – world politics, economics, events and weather. It’s a dynamic environment, which means for traders to be successful, they need to learn about past and present markets. Utilise the demo trading accounts offered by many CFD and Forex brokers.

      Risk What You Can Reasonably Lose

      Remember, funding trading accounts is tedious can take a plethora of time to build up your capital. Before you start using real money, be sure that the money you have in your account can be used without breaking your bank. If you can’t, keep saving for a time when you no longer "need" the money.

      Don’t save money in a trading account for a university education for your kids or paying on your home’s mortgage. Don’t “borrow” money from them. Be prepared that you could lose the money in the account because it could happen.

      While losing money is bad enough, losing money you really need can be devastating.

      Create A Trading Technique Using Facts

      Be sure to create a trading technology that will be worth using. You may come across the "it’s so easy that you’re printing your own money" scams. However, base your techniques on facts rather than your emotions or desire.

      Traders not in a hurry tend to have an easier time going through the information. Think of it this way: if you decide to start a new career, you’re going to need to study at least a year or two before you’re remotely qualified for a position in the field. Learning how to effectively make trades is no different, and should be based on research.

      Apply A Stop Loss

      You may be wondering what a stop loss is. It’s the predetermined risk amount you can accept losing on every trade. The stop loss can be a percentage, dollar amount or based on market structure, but whatever you decide, it stops the exposure in trades. A stop-loss removes some emotions out of the trading process, as it lets you know just how much money will be lost on trades.

      It’s never good to ignore a stop loss, even if you ended up getting a good trade out of it. If you exit at the stop loss and lose a trade, it’s still considered a good thing because it falls under your rules. While it’s always good to leave a trade with profits, that’s not always possible. However, a stop loss reduces the risks and can mitigate against account destroying draw-downs.

      The vast majority of online broker trading platforms offer the ability to add stop loss orders so there is no excuse not to use them!

      Understand The Time To Stop Trading

      There are two key reasons to stop your trading:

      Ineffective Trading Plan – This leads to much higher losses than what is expected according to historical testing. Markets could have changed, and volatility of a certain trading tool could have decreased, or it’s not performing as anticipated. Traders can benefit by staying businesslike and keeping emotions out of the situation. It’s important to look at reviewing the trading plan, making changes where necessary or developing a new plan altogether. If you are to succeed, you need to develop a trading plan that is successful.

      Ineffective Trader – This is a person who cannot follow their trading plan, usually due to stress, bad habits, lack of discipline and more. Traders not in the right frame of mind for trading need to take a step back from the business to deal with their personal issues. Once they’ve been dealt with, a trader can start making trades again.

      Have Perspective In The Trading Process

      When trading, you need to keep focused on the end goal. You’re going to lose trades – that much is certain. Winning trades that are on average larger than your loosing trades means you’re on the right path for profits. The idea is to focus on the cumulative effect. Once you accept the wins and losses as the nature of doing business, you won’t let emotions have an effect on you and your performance. Yes, you can get excited about a profitable trade, but losing trades is a part of the business too.

      Make sure you set realistic goals to keep things in perspective. If you have a small trading account, don’t think you’re going to get big dollar returns – it won’t happen! Be sensible about your goals, look at percentage returns instead and things will work out for you.

      What To Remember…

      For traders to have a good trading business, they need to understand trading rules and how they work together. It’s difficult but can be rewarding work, if you take the time to learn the rules, practice patience, utilise the tools offered by your online broker, and have some discipline. Do this, and you can be very successful in the highly competitive trading world.

      Currency trading can be considered as the buying and selling currency on the foreign exchange ("Forex" or simply FX) market with the intent to make money, often called "speculative Forex trading".

      How Does Forex Work?

      The currency exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another. It is always quoted in currency pairs such as the AUD/USD (the Australian Dollar vs US Dollar). Foreign exchange rates fluctuate based on many economic factors like interest rates, economic data announcements and geopolitical events. These factors will influence whether you buy or sell a currency pair.

      Example of a Forex Trade:

      The AUD/USD exchange rate represents the number of US Dollars one Australian dollar can purchase. If you believe that the Australian dollar will increase in value against the US Dollar, you may buy Australian dollars with US Dollars. Generally this trade will take place through a foreign exchange broker such as those listed on our sister site Forex Brokers Australia

      If the exchange rate does rise, you can sell the Australian dollars back, with the aim of making a profit. Please keep in mind that Forex trading involves a high risk of loss and your capital is at risk!

      Why Trade Forex?

      Foreign Exchange is the world's largest market, with about 3.2 trillion US dollars in daily volume and 24-hour market action. Some key differences between the Currency and stock markets are:

      1. There's 24 hour trading – you determine when and how you wish to trade.
      2. It's possible to trade with leverage, but this can magnify potential gains and losses.
      3. You can focus on just a few currency pairs rather than choosing from hundreds or thousands of shares.

      Currency trading Isn't Something Everybody Should Do

      There is always a level of risk with trading foreign exchange on margin, and it’s not ideal for everybody. So, before you attempt to try this kind of trading, you need to consider three things – risk appetite, experience level and investment goals. Always remember your capital is at risk and could lead to a total loss of your capital.

      Again, don’t invest money you know you need and always read the broker or financial service providers product disclosure statement (PDS). And, if you need some assistance, be sure to talk to a financial adviser

      Source: XE

      Winners have another frame of mind that most people tend not to have. After all, they look at things in ways people never seem to acknowledge. For example:

      • While knowledge is important, it’s not how much a person knows that garners them success.
      • While hard work helps a person to attain things, it’s not about how much work they put into something.
      • While experience can help you to become an expert in your field, it’s not the depth of it that gives you success.
      It’s all how winners think that leads to genuine success.

      That’s according to author Colin Nicholson in his “Building Wealth in the Stock Market” book. Psychology plays a huge role in an investor’s success.

      What Psychology Mindset Do You Have?

      If you’re going to be a successful investor, you don’t want to overlook the psychology factor of trading. After all, how you think, what you believe and how you react can have an impact on your investments – be them subconsciously or consciously. If you don’t control the mixed bag of emotions you can have – pride, fear, anxiety, etc. – they will control the investments you make – good and bad.

      The majority of investors believe they just need to find the perfect strategy, set up an investment and carry out their plan for it to be successful. Wrong! Saying it is much easier than doing it. For instance, you can make your investments and develop a well-thought-out plan, but a key correction in the market means a loss in money.

      How will you react and feel?

      The majority of novice traders and some knowledgeable ones watch the downward spiral of their investments and allow the emotion “fear” to make the decision to hold onto it, hoping it recovers.

      According to various studies, people suffer two times as much pain when they lose a $1 as they feel happy when gaining a $1. This is what encourages traders to stick with a losing position instead of selling it to preserve the money to invest in another day. By letting emotions rule, it hinders traders from making good decisions. In a person’s mind, they know to cut their losses early on, but can’t get beyond the “hope” that it’ll turn it around.

      You need to think rationally, but traders tend to make emotional ones instead. If you can understand how you think and realize what your flaws are, you can discipline yourself to fight the negative emotions. This will help you to become a more successful trader.

      3 Common Mistakes People Make In Their Investments

      Overly Attached To Investments

      Everybody has a stock they prefer, but they can become too attached to the investment, which clouds their judgment. When too attached, you ignore your own rules and the negative data the market is “screaming” at you. You allow decisions to influence you, which can lead to disaster.

      Your attachment should be to your investment plan – a careful and meticulous plan with an enter and exit strategy.

      Not Prepared In The Possibility Of Losses

      Your investments will not always go according to plan. And, losses are going to happen – accept it! When creating an investment, realise what your reasonable maximum loss is. Be sure it’s an amount you can live with. If two percent is too much, lower it to a percentage you can be happy with. If you’re going to be successful, you can’t afford to lose a lot.

      Manage the risk, taking losses when the plan dictates and not allowing the small losses to become bigger ones. Remember, losses are inevitable and are a part of doing business. Protect your capital as much as possible and invest whenever you can.

      Looking for the Holy Grail

      Many novice traders look for tips, guides and strategies to help them score some investments, but after several losses, they forgo the strategy, claiming it doesn’t work. They then look for their next Holy Grail tip or strategy. This is known as a beginner’s cycle and is the biggest mistake that can be made.

      If you’re to be successful as a trader, you need to recognise when you’re on the merry-go-round and get off it. You need to accept the fact that investment strategies don’t always work out like you want, handling the wins and losses in the best way possible, so you are successful.

      Online Broker FAQs

      We are one of the leading online trading resources in Australia to find an online broker & the products they offer. Depending on the subscription level you choose, brokers and financial service providers can present their offerings in a unique and highly visible way compared to any other online broker directory.

      Showcase your products/services on specific product pages, especially dedicated to the one product, providing unprecedented coverage, without overwhelming potential customers. For example, multi-asset brokers can create an individual product page for EACH of their asset classes. Potential clients can easily browse though information that is specifically related to what they are looking for. And as each product page allows a product specific link, this is a fantastic avenue to enhance your search marketing efforts by gaining valuable links back to the inner-pages of your own web site... just ask your SEO or Search Marketing department ;)

      Showcase your events, no matter whether they are recurring online webinars, training sessions, or in-person events such as stall at an industry expo or meetup groups. All events created are automatically populated to our Upcoming Events page and calendar.

      Showcase your events, no matter whether they are recurring online webinars, training sessions, or in-person events such as stall at an industry expo or meetup groups. All articles created are automatically populated to our Articles page. In addition, the four most recently added articles are always featured on the home page of our web site! Announce your latest spreads, latest product offerings, anything that is of value to potential clients evaluating your brokerage firm. Another way of looking at it is any information that is worthy of doing a press release for can be added by you as seperate articles.

      No. The Online Broker Directory (Australia) is designed to help Australian traders and investors easily find an online broker, or financial service provider, who best suits their needs. However, this does not mean that every broker/provider listed has to be founded in Australia.

      For many Australians, choosing a broker who is Australian regulated is critical. A key benefit of our directory is that online brokers who list in our directory must state the financial regulation they have.

      There are two easy ways you can quickly get listed in our directory:

      If you have any queries before joining please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

      For Premium subscription members there are no additional charges for this service. We offer these "featured" sections on the homepage as standard inclusions to provide all premium subscription members as much value and exposure as we possibly can. The featured homepage sections include the the four most recently added entries in each of the following sections:

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      At present we have not implemented advertising into the site, however there will be advertising displayed on all unclaimed listings and other prominant locations in the near future for the right broker. Please contact us for further details.

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